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I Pray for Your Family  / Joanne Pacicca (Friend of the Family )  Read >>
I Pray for Your Family  / Joanne Pacicca (Friend of the Family )
My grandchildren saw you daily at BOCES and my friendship with your grandparents goes back decades. I remember when your mom was a little girl. I think of them often and pray for you and all of them, your sister and brother too. There is little I can do or say to comfort them. The thing I know is that someday you will rejoice in heaven with a sound so loud and joyful in your reunion that heaven and earth will hear it. God Bless you and them. Time will be nothing and peace and love will settle on all of you forever in the Kingdom of The Lord. Close
Always on my mind  / Jean Menkins (Mom/Grandmother)  Read >>
Always on my mind  / Jean Menkins (Mom/Grandmother)
Josh There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you...almost 3 years since you've been gone and I still can't believe you died..that day plays in my mind over and over again. What if this, what if that UGH...This is a song I listen to that I love and think of you every time, it's called Dancing In The Sky.. Missing you so much..<3 Close
Josh Menkins  / Joanne And Greg Pacicca (friends of the family )  Read >>
Josh Menkins  / Joanne And Greg Pacicca (friends of the family )
Beautiful boy loved on earth and in heaven. Close
Man do I miss you Brother  / Casey Donnelly (Friend)  Read >>
Man do I miss you Brother  / Casey Donnelly (Friend)
It's been a while, I'm sorry I haven't wrote to you Josh.. I miss you like crazy and I love you.. Nothing will ever change that.. Keep watching over your family, me, and your friends.. If I could find a way to bring you back I would in a heart beat. I love you little buddy, always will. I miss you so much, Rest In Paradise 💚 Close
22nd bday  / Christie Menkins (Mother)  Read >>
22nd bday  / Christie Menkins (Mother)
I wrote this for you on FB... Today is your birthday and once again I sit here with a heavy heart, a knot in my throat and eyes filled with tears. As I blink them away, a smile comes across face as i think of your last birthday you were here. I cherish that last hug I got from you, i cherish each & every one of them! I remember it like yesterday, you hugged me so tight and said I love you. I can't believe it has been almost 2 years since I got that hug from you. Your hugs were so amazing. I miss you Josh, more than I can explain. I miss your infectious laugh, your goofy personality and your spectacular smile. Most of all, I miss you & every thing that was you. May the angels sing to you today, with love, just as you would get at home. Happy 22nd Birthday Josh. I love you to the moon & back & I miss you terribly. Always in my heart & constantly on my mind! Send some love to every one today, don't forget to include Prudy, your birthday twin <3 Close
Missing you  / Christie Menkins (Mother)  Read >>
Missing you  / Christie Menkins (Mother)
Josh, missing you as always. Nothing much more to say than my heart still hurts & you're missed tremendously! I love you!! <3 Close
Every Tuesday  / Carl (Papa)  Read >>
Every Tuesday  / Carl (Papa)
Every Tuesday for the rest of my life I will relive that moment in time. Somehow we were connected and I knew something bad had happened.As I Drove to the scene I was filled with dread hoping I was wrong. The trooper at the scene asked me what i was doing there and I said " I just knew" I was not there to protect you and It was my job to do.I was not there to comfort your pain and that too was my job. I failed you when you needed me most. I was not there....I was and am proud of you and will Love and Miss you forever.I am so sorry Josh Close
1 year  / Christie Menkins (Mother)  Read >>
1 year  / Christie Menkins (Mother)
This is from what i wrote on facebook... i wanted it put here also. Right now as i type this it has been 1 year. It is 1am on 10.31.13. Halloween. I miss you more with each day that passes Josh. My heart literally hurts. A part of me went with you that day. I love you... To my son, Josh, you would be 21 today. An age you couldn't wait to be, well, it's here & you're not. :'( I still try on a daily basis to wrap my head around the fact that you're not here. Today is going to be very hard for me, our family, your friends & everyone who knew you. It feels like yesterday that i got the worst phone call i had ever, in my life, had to answer. In 5 days from today it will be 1 year on 10/30. I can't even believe that. 1 year since i seen your amazing smile, heard your awesome laugh that was contagious & felt your inviting hugs. They say everything happens for a reason, i don't understand that saying anymore. I should be saying Happy 21st Birthday to you & hugging you tight and & telling you i love you, with you telling it right back. Life is different, thoughts of you are constant. The tears... oh so many tears. Sleepless nights, where thoughts of you take over & i wonder what i should or could have done differently. The heartache i feel is unimaginable. Close
I miss you Josh  / Lauren O'Neill (Childhood friend )  Read >>
I miss you Josh  / Lauren O'Neill (Childhood friend )
Josh... I can't believe it's already been almost four months. We never really reconnected the past couple years and I regret that every single day. But I will never forget the times I was lucky enough to spend with you- spending countless hours on your trampoline,skating in the driveway, or walking to the gas station in the summer. Before you I had only lost one significant person in my life. I had nevet felt a greater pain than losing my grandma.I never thought I could feel that way about anything ever again. But when my boyfriend Casey, (who is a volunteer fireman) texted me about a call he recieved for a car accident, and then he later told me the name... My heart sunk. I spent the entire day waiting for confirmation. I check your brothers twitter frequently and anything on Facebook hoping for better news. I will never forget that day. Not in this lifetime. It is unfortunate that it sometimes takes a tragedy like this to open our eyes- to be thankful of every person we love, to never leave a fight unsettled. I wish this could be changed Josh, I wish for more than anything to be able to text you just to chat. But I really just want to thank you, for reminding me how precious life is. I will always thank you for that. <3 Close
missin you  / Janet (friend)  Read >>
missin you  / Janet (friend)
Damn josh it feels like a lifetime sence we hung out but it kills me to think that im never gonna chill with you again, but then i think about everything we talked about and how close we were i xould tell you anything and you never judged me =) ill see you when i get there, i have so much to tell you i miss you man rest easy sweet angel<3 always love you ill never forget you Close
Merry Christmas  / Christie Menkins (Mother)  Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Christie Menkins (Mother)
Merry Christmas Josh. We all missed you yesterday as we do every day. It is just not the same here. The past couple days i have felt so empty inside. I wrapped a present for you and placed it under the tree. It is a box filled with love just for you. I am going to put it under the tree every year for you. You're on my mind constantly. I really wish i could hug you and see you smile. I miss you tremendously! It is so painful. Went to the cemetery yesterday with Jesse, we lit a candle for you, Jeremy and Grandma. On the way home we stopped at Joey's cross and Jesse and i lit one for him. I light a candle every day at home for you. Josh, i love you. Please send me some signs, let me know you're around. You are in my heart always xo <3 Love, Mommy Close
Always / Christie (Mother)  Read >>
Always / Christie (Mother)
Josh, you are always on my mind and in my heart. I miss you so much! Please let me know you are around. I love you. <3 Close
Happy Thanksgiving  / Christie (Mother)  Read >>
Happy Thanksgiving  / Christie (Mother)
Josh, i am missing you a lot today. Happy Thanksgiving. I didn't make it to the cemetery & i feel bad... I know i shouldn't because you are here with us today. Please let us know you are around. I miss you & i love you. Words can not express just how much!! Close
I Love You  / Robert (Dad)  Read >>
I Love You  / Robert (Dad)

Josh i know you are out there having fun. But please take one moment to let all of us know you are ok? I love you buddy and i will NEVER let go. I miss you so very much. I never knew someone could hurt this bad. I cant and will not let go I LOVE YOU.....

Miss you...  / Jean Menkins (mom/grandma)  Read >>
Miss you...  / Jean Menkins (mom/grandma)

Josh....I hope in someway where ever you are that you know how much you are missed ♥ Please come to me in my dreams to let me know you are around us and watching over us. I love and miss you, Mom

Miss you  / Christie (Mother)  Read >>
Miss you  / Christie (Mother)
Josh, you are on my mind... I miss you so much. I still can't believe you're gone. I love you. Close
I love you...  / Jean Menkins (Mom/grandma)  Read >>
I love you...  / Jean Menkins (Mom/grandma)
Josh here i sit wishing you would just walk through that door like you did every other night and say "hi mom"....then you'd look in the fridge for something to eat. And i'd say "you better get to bed soon, you gotta get up early for work tomorrow".....
 I miss you so much, it feels so unreal! I find it hard to look at your pictures without crying! I know you know that i loved you very much and just wanted the best for you and make the right choices. I don't know why GOD decided to he needed another angel but he certainly has one! ♥
 I just want to hug you so tight...please show me somehow that you are watching over us. I will write again soon... Love, Mom
R.I.P / Janet Caplette (friend)  Read >>
R.I.P / Janet Caplette (friend)
Rest easy man we all miss u so much, keep watching over us<3 until we meet again. Close
<3 / Christie Menkins (Mother)  Read >>
<3 / Christie Menkins (Mother)
I miss you, you're in my thoughts always. I love you. Close
Love you  / Christie Menkins (Mother)  Read >>
Love you  / Christie Menkins (Mother)
Josh, I still can not believe you are gone. I miss you so very much. Not a day goes by that you're not on my mind. I wish i could see your smile once more and tell you i love you. I just want you home. I miss hearing you tell me good night. Until we meet again, rest easy. I love you <3 Love, Mommy Close
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